DAY 22

Today I found some weapons and other gear that might come in handy, got half a dozen water barrels for the roof, and was in my first car chase, albeit a short one; all in all a rather full day.  I thought it prudent to look for weapons first, and headed over to the Army/Navy surplus store that’s about three blocks down from my building.  Besides the standard military surplus, the store also carries a lot of camping and survival gear, and I believe I found just the thing for my zombie killing activities.

You have to keep in mind that though I’m fairly athletic, I’ve never really been an outdoorsman; I generally prefer activities of the indoor variety.  Most of the equipment in the store was unfamiliar to me, and I took my time looking it all over.  The item that really caught my attention though was a small axe; the packaging said it was a SOG Tactical Tomahawk.  The tomahawk is all black, about 16 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half.  One end of the tomahawk’s head is a blade just under three inches long, the opposite end is a four inch long by one inch wide pointed spike.  I believe that this will be ideal for use against the zombies; I took all six they had.

I immediately removed two of the tomahawks from the packaging, and hooked their sheaths to an army-style belt along with a holster that my pistol fits into.  I have to admit, I feel pretty cool with a tomahawk hanging on either hip.  The sheaths weren’t designed for quick drawing the tomahawks, even though they are called a “tactical tomahawk,” so I’ll have to figure out something better later, but for the time being they’ll get the job done.  I took a bunch other gear that may or may not be useful to me; like everything else, I’ll figure out what I can use by trial and error.  The only other thing I found that I knew for sure I could use was several cases of MREs.

My next stop was a lawn and garden supply store.  I certainly felt more comfortable moving around outside while seated in a big pick-up truck.  It was still a little unnerving having to dodge zombies walking down the middle of the street, I wasn’t going out of my way to run them down for fear of damaging the vehicle and getting stuck, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as being out on the bike.  I loaded six plastic rain barrels into the bed of the truck along with several hoses, a few planting boxes, bags of soil and every package of fruit and vegetable seeds I could find.  I don’t plan on going all out with the gardening just yet, but I want to at least see what’s possible, and I figured it’s better to take all the seeds now rather than go back later and find them gone.

I was almost back to my place when I saw the car turn onto the street two blocks ahead of me.  It was the same one the assholes showed up in a few days ago.  I hit my brakes and just sat there for a second.  It looked like they were finally coming back to check out my building.  I was in the middle of the block and I started backing up slowly, hoping they wouldn’t notice me.  There were about two dozen zombies spread out in front of my building; I had sent the monkey out just long enough to pull the zombies to the front, and assumed that since I wasn’t dumping any bodies, they wouldn’t wander back to the alley.  Unfortunately, the assholes stopped short of my building, probably not wanting to try to drive through the crowd.

The car, a red BMW of some sort (I’m not a car guy either), did a u-turn just as I was backing into the intersection.  The BMW stopped as I swung the wheel to turn up Clay Street.  I waited to see what they were going to do, and stomped on the gas pedal as I saw smoke erupt from the tires of their car.  Just ahead of me, and to the left, was a parking garage.  I whipped the Tacoma into it, and quickly swung the truck to the right and, hopefully, out of sight.  Hesitating for a second, I shut the ignition off in case they stopped nearby to listen for engine sounds.

I heard their tires squeal as they turned up Clay.  The BMW roared past my hiding spot, and I held my breath as the sound of their engine began to fade.  But it didn’t fade away completely.  I could still hear it in the distance, and knew that they had stopped.  I figured they had probably gone another two streets up, checking either way for me as they crossed through intersections, and knowing they had a much faster vehicle than I did.  The question for me then was; would they believe they had lost me and just drive away, or would they backtrack to see if I pulled off somewhere?  I didn’t think they would know I was the same person they had shot several days earlier, but I had no idea how hard they would look for me.

The sound of the car engine started getting louder, and I pulled my pistol out.  I hadn’t brought the shotgun with me, thinking it would be too cumbersome to carry while I worked; someday I was going to learn a lesson without my life being in peril.  I was debating the wisdom of just jumping out and shooting at them when their car rolled past the garage entrance.  The BMW stopped, and then turned down the alley next to the parking structure.  As it happens, it is the same alley that runs behind my apartment building, but they were going in the opposite direction.  I sat in the dark of the parking garage for another 15 minutes before I decided it was safe to leave.

I guess it was more of a game of hide and seek than a car chase; either way, I count myself as the winner, and a very lucky one at that.  But I’m pretty sure they’ll be back to play again.  I may have to take my chances in a firefight with them; I already know the woman isn’t a very good shot, but I’m going to have to find more ammunition and figure out if I’m any good.


Barnett Jane


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Scott A. Mehlman was born and (mostly) raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Having earned both a BS and an MBA, Scott has tried his hand at a variety of jobs without finding one that truly satisfied or engaged his creative impulses the way writing does. He has published his first novel, The Immortal and The Dead, which is the first book in The Immortal Virus trilogy and continues to work on the JAEGER e-book series.

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