DAY 18

I guess the bullets are still inside of me, and I’m not sure if there’s anything I really need to, or want to, do about it.  Maybe they’ll just work their way out naturally; not that any of this is strictly “natural.”  My leg was fine when I got up, and the lingering pain in my abdomen faded throughout the day.  There were still a dozen or so zombies shuffling around the building, but I didn’t really need to go outside to continue clearing out apartments, though the sound of bodies dropping into the dumpster brought most of them to the alley.

This time, I added books, old clothes, and broken up furniture (I had to get an axe from another floor, my first one is still lying outside) to the dumpster with each load to help the bodies burn better.  Since I couldn’t go outside for more gasoline, I used lighter fluid, high proof alcohol, and rubbing alcohol that I found in apartments to help ignite the fire.  Not being able to go outside because of the zombies slowed the process down somewhat since I couldn’t swap out dumpsters.  If they’re still hanging around tomorrow, I’m going to have to find a way to lure them out of the alley so I can run out and move the dumpsters around.

As I was clearing the apartments on my floor, I came across my first dead child.  I never knew her name, but I do remember seeing her running through the hall.  She was probably around six years old.  It’s one thing to drag an adult out of their apartment and dump them out the window, I’m sorry to say that I’m getting used to it, but the little girl was hard.  It just felt wrong.  I did my best to be gentle with her; I wrapped her up in a clean sheet, made sure her parents were nearby the whole time, and said a special prayer for her in the hall in front of the window.  When the time came, I carefully lifted her out the window and tried to drop her as gently as I was able to.  God, that really sucked.  I don’t know what I’m going to do if I come across a child zombie.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to deal with those three assholes yet if they come back.  I need to be careful, I may not be easy to kill, but I’m certainly not invincible.




About scottamehlman

Scott A. Mehlman was born and (mostly) raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Having earned both a BS and an MBA, Scott has tried his hand at a variety of jobs without finding one that truly satisfied or engaged his creative impulses the way writing does. He has published his first novel, The Immortal and The Dead, which is the first book in The Immortal Virus trilogy and continues to work on the JAEGER e-book series.

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