DAY 9:


I woke up this morning with every intention of going out and checking that police car for weapons.  When I stepped out onto my balcony, it was cold and overcast.  I stood looking down at the street, watching for anything moving.  The police car isn’t visible from my side of the building, I’m on the south side facing downtown and the front entrance is on the west side, it’s in the intersection to the northwest of the building.  Just as I was about to go back inside and head down, I heard a scream.  I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but it was followed by several gunshots.  They came from the south and couldn’t have been too far away.  I suppose a braver person would have gone to investigate.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  My food supply is getting low, so I’ll have to.  The liquor and weed don’t seem to be having much effect, unless I consume a lot.  I don’t understand that.




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